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Dovvnload Free Project Monitor, Project Monitor 1.4.7 Dovvnload


BSEditor: Project Monitor is designed for almost any consultant or contractor who needs to record, analyse and report on work completed for each client, and on each project and activity. You can choose whether to record work tasks as you work, or at the end of the working day or week - whichever is easiEST for you. In a group situation, you can choose to share your database so that the lists of clients, projects and activities you Create can be used by all group members. With a shared database providing access to up to date information, Project Monitor is a valuable project management tool. Whether you work alone or as a team, Project Monitor is a valuable tool when tracking work progress or analysing time spent on particular tasks over the course of a project. Its flexible filtering options allow detailed comparison of actual times with project estimates. After filtering your data, Project Monitor can produce detailed or summarised reports on the results, either as a means of documenting your progress or to support your Invoices. Weekly or fortnightly timesheets can also be generated with a few mouse clicks. Project Monitor isn't trying to be a accounting package - there are plenty of specialised products available which fulfill that role - but it does provide features which allow you to indicate whether times have been invoiced or paid as well as record an invoice number, invoice date or payment date against one or more work records. This is a particularly useful feature for self-employed consultants and contractors. Features: Record your working day as you work or at the end of the day Link your times with a client, project and activity Share your data with colleagues Print weekly or fortnightly timesheets Print detailed or summarised reports Compare actual times with project estimates Keep track of your customer and contact Details Save your work details to a text file and work with them in Excel you can free dovvnload Project Monitor 1.4.7 now.

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